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Spiritual thoughts on peace: Unitarian Universalist
December 3, 2001

Peacefulness is a state of mind over which you have control. Meditation can rid your mind of all thoughts, bring a feeling of oneness to the universe, and provide you with a relaxing place to start a more lasting feeling of peace.

A lack of peacefulness is often caused by conflicts within yourself. Recognize your conflicts. Know that you can control your state of mind to rid you of these conflicts. If the conflicts are related to interactions with other people, realize that we are all in a state of learning all of our lives. That means we are all in some state of ignorance, too. A person's hurtful remarks or lack of appropriate communication is often due to ignorance, even if they're supposed to be professionals. Forgive them their ignorance and, if needed, try to resolve your misunderstanding through improved communication.

It can be a learning experience for you to meet this challenge. Everyone has worth and dignity, so try to find the best in others. This may help you recognize the best in yourself, too.

Here are some quotes, meditations and thoughts from Unitarian Universalists about finding peace:

"I do not ask for any crown but that which all may win;
Nor try to conquer any world except the one within.
Be Thou my guide until I find led by a tender hand,
The happy kingdom in myself and dare to take command."
-- Louisa May Alcott, American author

"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet

"We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake,
not by mechanical aids,
but by an infinite expectation of the dawn,
which does not forsake us in our soundest sleep.
I know of no more encouraging fact
than the unquestionable ability of man
to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor."
-- Henry David Thoreau, American essayist and poet

"Till our world, so sad and weary,
Finds the balmy rest of peace--
Peace to silence all her discords--
Peace till war and crime shall cease.
Peace to fall like gentle showers,
Or on parch'd flowers dew,
Till our hearts proclaim with gladness:
Lo, He maketh all things new."
-- Frances E. W. Harper, American author, orator, and social reformer

"Do justly this day and all days.
Be of good will.
Walk humbly before the mysteries of life
and before that gulf which separates us
from the ideals we profess.
Live in peace and praise.
Our day is just beginning.
So be it."
-- Ellen Johnson-Fay, minister

"In your life, may you know the holy meaning, the mystery that breaks into it every moment.
May you live at peace with your world and at peace with yourself.
And may the love of truth guide you in your every day.
Amen. "
-- Mark Mosher DeWolfe, minister

"Sometimes we do what is wrong. We feel out of control and helpless. We feel ashamed.
Yet evil is not all we are.
Sometimes we do what is right. We feel proud and courageous. We feel our strength.
Yet good is not all we are.
Like the wind -- sometimes mild, sometimes fierce -- we hold all the moods and the power inside us.
We bring the soft rain and the wild storm. It is our nature to contain it all.
May we have peace with who we are -- and with who we may be.
May we have peace with who we have been -- evil and good, foolish and wise, weak and strong.
May we know all that we are - and may we have peace."
-- Linda Anderson, minister

"There is, finally, only one thing required of us: that is, to take life whole, the sunlight and shadows together;
to live the life that is given us with courage and humor and truth.
We have such a little moment out of the vastness of time for all our wondering and loving.
Therefore let there be no half-heartedness; rather, let the soul be ardent in its pain, in its yearning, in its praise.
Then shall peace enfold our days, and glory shall not fade from our lives."
-- Kendyl Gibbons, minister

-- Joyce Dowling
Agnostic Unitarian Universalist
Member of Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church
7400 Temple Hill Rd., Camp Springs, MD 20748
Phone: (301) 449-4308

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