Kucinich & Patch Adams

Dec. 8, 2003

Pictures I took at the Kucinich Campaign Party in Washington, DC. plus audio files (.wav)

Patch Adams Patch Adams Patch Adams
Dennis Kucinich Dennis Kucinich Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich Dennis Kucinich DSC00030.JPG

AUDIO FILES from above event (in .wav format can be read with QuickTime™ - notice size of each file and play length listed below)
Kucinich speech (3.4 MB; 5mins., 25 sec.) - includes: Fear and violence = theology of despair - American people want something more hopeful - U.N. would handle oil in Iraq & U.S. would set aside privitization - violation of Haig & Geneva Conventions - Iraq should control own affairs - U.S. should not have continuous occupation - U.S. should take reponsibility for providing reparations to injured victims & families & should pay for everything we blew up & help fund U.N.
Kucinich's finale (2.5 MB, 4 mins.) - includes: "Fix of 2002" If don't concede on the war, can't talk about rest of issues - 45 million people don't have health coverage - Many viable economic issues - War vote to create climate of fear -They'll do it again - Serian Accountability Act - look at it.
Patch Adams (5.3 MB, 8 mins.) - includes: health of our children, global reputation, Dept. of Peace, loving care as value system, caring for next seven generations, courage, medical use of marijuana, trust, 500-book reading list on PatchAdams.org, love candidate

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