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Kucinich for President

Kucinich for 2004
Why I support Dennis Kucinich for President
(Kucinich is a Democratic candidate)

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"Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit, is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Why not have a president who is honest? George W. Bush lied to us about his reasons for going to war in Iraq and about our being safer now (BinLaden [who is considered responsible for 9/11 - NOT Saddam] is still on the loose and Iraqi weapons of mass destruction have not been found & war creates more terrorists, so how could we be safer?), but somehow there is less hoopla about that than Bill Clinton's lying about getting a blow job which some people thought was grounds for impeachment. Either way, I would prefer a President who doesn't lie. Dennis Kucinich walks where he talks. He has made mistakes and has changed his mind on some issues, but he admits it and he follows through with much of what he says he'll do, unlike many of the candidates. Kucinich has proven himself in Congress. I'd like to vote for someone I can trust and who doesn't just toe the party line.

"Dennis Kucinich is the rare office-seeker who is able to convincingly present himself as a man driven by principle rather than power." - Rolling Stone

Why is he confident that he can win?
I have experience in looking at situations that everyone says are impossible, and reaching in and finding that other possibility of drawing it forth. You know, in quantum physics there are some who write about what's called the "implicant order." It's something that's just, you know, beyond your vision, but it's there. And what I try to do is draw forth that order that is there. And when that happens, people say, "Oh, that's a miracle." No, it was always there -- it was just waiting to be called forth. And so I think I can do that with this nation. - Dennis Kucinich

As citizen-activists the world over merge, they can become an irresistible force to create peace and protect the planet. From here will come a new movement to abolish nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction. From here will come the demand for sustainable communities, for new systems of energy, transportation and commerce. From here comes the future rushing in on us. How does one acquire the capacity for active citizenship? The opportunities exist every day...Active citizenship begins with an envisioning of the desired outcome and a conscious application of spiritual principles. - Kucinich

I don't think we can take a slow approach to this change. Our world is in jeopardy. We need to take action as soon as possible. I don't see the other candidates proposing to do this.

Kucinich's Record Shows He's an Antidote to Bush - Madison Capital Times

Why is it that we believe that Dennis Kucinich is the Democrat with the greatest chance to beat George Bush in the 2004 Presidential elections?- Rhode Island for Kucinich

Is Kucinich Electable? Can He Beat Bush?

Don't confuse caring for weakness. - Willie Nelson in his latest song - news article here



A balanced budget is his long-term goal, but he currently advocates New Deal-style public works programs to spur growth through economic and social investment. As a lifelong member of the working class - son of a truck driver, who grew up so poor that his family lived in a car more than once, he understands the needs of the majority of Americans. He's a big supporter of unions and he wants to get us out of the WTO which undermines our power to negotiate internationally.

He risked career to prevent a power monopoly in Cleveland, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. He's running a grassroots campaign, because he won't take money from big corporations.

Economic policy turns out to be the most important environmental policy. Kucinich is the only presidential candidate calling for the elimination of the World Trade Organization. That alone would do more to support nature's needs than any other environmental action. Vote for Kucinich. - Randy Hayes, president of the Rainforest Action Network

I see an America where the economy works for everyone because everyone is working. I see a new horizon in this country where there is no such thing as an acceptable level of unemployment. Nearly 9,000,000 Americans are unemployed. Millions more are not being included in the official count. Average wages are falling. People are taking pay cuts to keep their jobs. The unemployed and the employed alike are experiencing a falling standard of living. The middle class aspirations of many are being dashed. - Kucinich -- More here

Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced a bill recently that would lower taxes for most Americans, while repealing the Bush tax cuts for the super wealthy and simplifying the tax system. More here



Education - Congress should strive to reduce poverty as its goal. Education is the only solution proven to reduce poverty levels. This conclusion is backed by thousands of national studies. Given the opportunity, education and training pave a path out of poverty for many families. - Kucinich -- More here

War on drugs - I believe that this is an important domestic issue, which is costing us a lot of money and is putting a lot of non-violent young people in jail. Kucinich supports compassionate medical use of marijuana and is the only candidate to condemn the Justice Department's raids on patients and caregivers. He proposes European-style treatment of addiction as a medical, not criminal problem, with attendant reductions in crime and violence; condemns the racial bias in drug enforcement. -- More here See how the present administration is trying to make drugs a terrorist act here.

Women's Rights - Kucinich advocates for equal rights and pro-choice, which was a change from previous policy. I believe he's been educated about the issue and is sincere in this change. His basic principle is to reduce the need for abortion. Population control needs to become a major focus since population growth world-wide is an enormous problem. -- More here

Racial Issues - Congressman John Conyers Jr., the Dean of the Congressional Black Caucus called Kucinich: "one of the most exciting candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination," and referred to his "exemplary record when dealing with issues facing the African American community." -- More here

Gay Rights - Kucinich believes gay and straight couples should be 100% equal before the law, including marriage, Social Security and domestic-partner benefits, and adoption rights; he supports federal civil union legislation. This is my belief also - I don't see how allowing gays to be married will hurt heterosexual marriage and good will among families. It's a matter of respect and not forcing gays and lesbians into the closet. -- More here

National Security & Civil Liberties - The Administration, with its policy in Iraq, has isolated the United States from the international community and threatens to make our country less safe not more safe....We cannot justify widespread wiretaps and Internet surveillance without judicial supervision, let alone with it. We cannot justify secret searches without a warrant. We cannot justify giving the Attorney General the ability to designate domestic terror groups. We cannot justify giving the FBI total access to any type of data that may exist in any system anywhere such as medical records and financial records. - Kucinich -- More here See how the present administration is trying to further limit our civil rights here.

Health Care - The Kucinich plan is enhanced 'Medicare for All' -- a universal, single-payer system of national health insurance, carefully phased in over 10 years. It addresses everyone's needs, including the 40 million Americans without coverage and those paying exorbitant rates for health insurance. This approach to healthcare emphasizes patient choice, and puts doctors and patients in control of the system, not insurance companies. Coverage will be more complete than private insurance plans, encourage prevention and include prescription drugs. -- More here

Environment - As President, I will lead the way in protecting our oceans, rivers and rural environments -- and I have been speaking out on these issues across America. I will also lead in fighting for clean, affordable and accessible drinking water --which is an emerging global concern. Over the years, I have worked hand-in-hand with the environmental movement on many battles, from thwarting a nuclear waste dump to boosting organics to demanding labels on genetically-engineered products. I've won honors from the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth and League of Conservation Voters. - Kucinich -- More here



Kucinich has consistently opposed the Iraq war, issuing a "Prayer For America" including a protest against invading Iraq, in February 2002 -- more than a year before the war. He won the 2003 Ghandi Peace Award for his ongoing work for peace. He has proposed a Department of Peace.

It is time to free ourselves, to jettison our illusions and fears and transform age-old challenges with new thinking. We can conceive of peace as not simply the absence of violence but the active presence of the capacity for a higher evolution of human awareness, of respect, trust, and integrity. Of peace, wherein we all may tap the infinite capabilities of humanity to transform consciousness and conditions that impel or compel violence at a personal, group, or national level toward creating understanding, compassion, and love. We can bring forth new understandings where peace, not war, becomes inevitable. Can we move from wars to end all wars to peace to end all war? - Kucinich

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. - Ghandi

If governments and their leaders, bound by hierarchy and patriarchy, wedded to military might for legitimacy, fail to grasp the implications of an emerging world consciousness for cooperation, for peace and for sustainability, they may become irrelevant. - Kucinich


Kucinich is the only candidate who:

...voted against the misnamed "Patriot Act."

...plans to introduce legislation in Congress to repeal the "Patriot Act."

...voted against the Bush request for $87 billion in additional funds to continue the quagmire in Iraq.

...forced Bush to turn over documentation on Iraq. -- More here

...has submitted a bill to Congress that would establish genuinely universal health coverage -- nonprofit national health insurance for all. (Voted against the Bush administration plan which will not lower seniors' drug costs and will leave gaps in coverage - unlike Lieberman and Kerry who failed to vote.)

...will withdraw from corporate trade deals like NAFTA and the WTO, and replace them with fair trade agreements that include labor and environmental protections.

...has a plan to cut the bloated military budget by 15% ($60 billion annually) and invest those funds in universal child care.

...sued George Bush to stop him from going to war in Iraq without a Congressional Declaration of War.

...led opposition in Congress to the War in Iraq.

...has a plan to repeal Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and invest that money in a plan for universal public education, age 3-college.

...has pledged to break up corporate monopolies in agriculture, energy, media and other sectors that are strangling farmers, the environment and the public.

...has pledged to not only sign the Kyoto Treaty on global warming, but to lead our country to 20% renewable energy by the year 2010.

...risked his political career by standing up to banks and a private utility company to save public electric power.

...has spoken out against the takeover of our water supply by large multinational corporations.

...has sponsored legislation establishing a cabinet-level Department of Peace to participate in policy discussions alongside representatives of the Departments of State and Defense.

...has a 98% lifetime pro-union voting record -- highest of all candidates as ranked by the AFL-CIO. calling for "living wages," not just minimum wages.

...has a plan to put Americans back to work with major investment programs to rebuild schools, roads, bridges, ports, sewage, water and environmental systems.

...stands firmly against the privatization of Social Security and for returning the Social Security retirement age to 65.

...has introduced legislation to repeal the Federal death penalty.

...has been endorsed by Willie Nelson, Ani DiFranco, Studs Terkel, Ed Asner, Hector Elizondo, Barbara Ehrenreich, Arun Gandhi, Ben Cohen (of Ben and Jerry's) and Granny D (who walked across the country for campaign reform at age 89). Other endorsements

...calls for scrapping the policy to deny student aid on basis of drug policy.

To get the fruit of a tree we must be willing to go out on a limb.



Worried about Nader causing Bush to be elected? Only Kucinich, with his similar vision for real change, can earn the votes of Nader supporters.

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WWKD? What would Kucinich do [vs. Bush]? - Warning: Not for the humor impaired!

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If you accidentally go to the site instead of the site, please note that it appears to me that it is negative propoganda. Don't believe anything on that site without researching it. I saw a statement by Ralph Nader there, so I did a search on that quote and couldn't find it. What I did find is that on the Green Party's own web site, it says, "Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich, who will speak at the October 7 rally, shares many positions with Mr. Nader and the Greens.  Mr. Nader has indicated that he would consider not running if Mr. Kucinich were the likely Democratic nominee..." If you're skeptical, do some research on your own and check who is saying it and how reliable that information is.

This page is not a part of the official Kucinich campaign.

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