Finding the Courage

I finished speaking in front of a group of over 100; my heart was pounding & my palms were sweaty. "You did a wonderful job." "Thanks. Very informative." "You're a natural." No, I'm not. I'm terrified; its hard work. But it feels good to know I'm having some success.

Being terrified of strangers, putting other people on pedestals, not feeling valued for my ideas were all obstacles I had to overcome. I had to learn to FEEL that I had worth, BELIEVE that I had something to contribute, and KNOW that I could learn and change.

My faith and church community were the source of my ability to change. The PRINCIPLES told me that I, as all, have worth, should search for my own truth & meaning, and have the goal of making the world a better place to live. They provided the many OPPORTUNITIES for involvement and leadership, including training. And maybe the most important, they offered SUPPORT through encouragement and positive & sometimes constructive feedback.

It may not be easy or "natural" for me to speak in front of people, but it is very fulfilling to take the challenge and live by my principles. I hope I will continue to be challenged and learn my whole lifelong.

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