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This page was first created along with the email list, HUUH-L by Joyce Dowling in 1997. I no longer manage the HUUH-L email list or am involved in homeschooling (kids have grown up), but am happy to maintain these pages for you.


The following is a list of topics shared in the email list, HUUH-L, since June, 1997:



Clonlara School (1289 Jewett, Ann Arbor, MI 48104)

Oak Meadow
PO Box 1346
Brattleboro, VT 05302
New Phone #: 802-251-7250

Calvert (105 Tuscany Rd., Baltimore, MD 21210, (410)243-6030) for K through 8th grade

The American School (850 E.58th, Chicago, IL 60637) for high school

We Believe: Learning and Living Our UU Principles Edited by Ann Fields and Joan Goodwin Twenty-two self-contained sessions include activities, stories and fully scripted worship materials. Includes 180-page Leader Guide, 96-page Workbook, We Believe audiocassette, inflatable globe and the colorful book, People, by Peter Spier. For all ages (designed for Religious Education classes). (UUA) 1990. Item 1066 $60.00

Celebrating Our Origins in the Universe.- about the story of Creation from the Big Bang through the Evolution of Humans. Suitable for classes ranging from 1st through 5th grade (designed for Religious Education classes). Gaye Gronlund, MA 317-823-8860 or Adrian Melott, MDiv 913-749-0670

Discussion about Curricula

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Growing without Schooling 2380 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 104, Cambridge, MA 02140 (617)864-3100. ( GWS has been around since 1977, started by John Holt and dedicated to the unschooling philosophy. $25/year, bimonthly. Single issue $4.50. Books and supplies through the associated Holt Book and Music Store, same address.
**NOTICE: The magazine has stopped publication. The bookstore has closed. Back issues of the magazine and most of the titles formerly in John Holt's Bookstore are now available from FUN Books, toll free phone (888) 386-7020, email, on the web**

Home Education Magazine P.O.Box 1083 Tonasket, WA 98855 (509)486-1351. (,, ) A meeting ground for all approaches to home learning since 1984. $24/year, bimonthly. Single Copy $4.50. Books about homeschooling through Home Education Press, same address.

The Drinking Gourd Multi-Cultural Home Education Magazine P.O.Box 2557, Redmond, WA 98073 (800)836-0336. ( Bimonthly, emphasis especially for homeschoolers of color. Associated catalog with hard to find materials.

Discover Magazine. *Very* readable. And it has new Larry Gonick cartoons in it!

Teacher Connex magazine which reviews PBS educational programming, giving synopsis of many individual segments, and suggested age-ranges (elementary, middle, secondary). 1-800-278-4176 or email to subscribe.

New Moon: The magazine for girls and their dreams. 1-800-381-4743; New Moon, P.O. Box 3587, Duluth, MN 55803-3587 $25/6 issues

MUSE, P.O. Box 7468, Red Oak, IA 51591-2468; A one-year (6 issue) subscription is $24. 1-800-827-0227 (Also see: Unofficial Muse Magazine Fan Page)

Inward Springs--A Periodical for liberal religious families. You can get a complimentary copy: Inward Springs 48 Old Colony Rd Hartsdale NY 10530.

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Buday Books/Vintage Reading , 11C Marion Ave., Gilbertsville, NY 13776

Dover Publications, Inc. 31 E. 2nd Street, Mineola, N.Y. 11501

Insight Press; 614 Vermont Street; San Francisco, CA 94107

Chinaberry Book Service 2780 Via Orange Way, Suite B Spring Valley, Calif 91978 1-800-776-2242

BOOKS ON THE WEB: -- 1000+ titles designed to make reading and LEARNING fun! Educaional and entertaining ... and ideal complement to curriculum for preschool through high school. History, Geography, Foreign Language, Social Studies, Science, Nature, Math, Music, Art and more. Award-winning titles at GREAT PRICES! Look for monthly specials and be sure to sign up for $50 in FREE books!

The Advanced Book Exchange

Amazon Books

American Science & Surplus - a lot more than just used books!


Children's Books and Educational Products

Deb's Used books for Homeschoolers

Sacramento Surplus Book Room

Discussion about cheap books

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Engelhardt and Sullivan, Playful Learning: An Alternative Approach to Preschool

Peggy Goding, Raising Children as Peacemakers, Kalimat Press. It is chock full of ideas: projects todo together, projects for the child to do alone; it even has a chapter entitled Time-Consuming Inside Activities.

Mark and Helen Hegener, editors, Alternatives in Education, Home Education Press, 1992, $16.95

Borg Hendrickson, Home School: Taking the First Step, Mountain Meadow Press, 1989 (new edition.) Solid help on deciding why, whether and how. $14.95

E.D. Hirsch, Books to Build On, which has books that you can use on different grade levels

E.D. Hirsch, 6-volume Core Knowledge; published by Doubleday, titles are "What Your (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th) Grader Need To Know". It's available in paperback now ($10.95 per book).

John Holt, Teach Your Own, Delacorte Press, 1981, $11.95. Holt is the leading proponent of the unschooling approach to learning.

Anna Kealoha, Trust The Children : A Manual and Activity Guide for Homeschooling and Alternative Learning Celestial Arts, 1995 $17.95 Many friendly ideas for preschool and elementary ages with a holistic/New Age flavor.

Penelope Leach, Children First: What Our Society Must Do - And Is Not Doing - For Our Children Today

Grace Llewellyn, The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education, Lowry House, 1991, $14.95. Useful for those beginning or continuing homeschooling in the high school years.

Mary Pride, The Big Book of Home Learning (4 volumes), Crossway Books, 1991. The most extensive list of curricula, suppliers, etc. with addresses, phone numbers and reviews. The author is a fervent Fundamentalist Christian with a clear viewpoint - but this can still help find what you prefer.

Rebecca Rupp, Good Stuff: Learning Tools for All Ages, Home Education Press, 1993, $14.75 Thousands of books, games, videos, contacts, etc.

Theodore Wade, The Home School Manual, Gazelle Publications, 1986. Another extensive source of resources, again with a clearly visible viewpoint.

Comparison of Social Adjustment Between Home and Traditionally Schooled Students 1-800-521-0600. The order number is 9304052.

KONOS is the queen of unit studies. Volume 1 is over 400 pages. It's Christian emphasized (though ignorable) and based around character traits. Volume 1 covers attentiveness, obedience, orderliness, trust, patience, stewardship and honor. This all sounds rather dry, but to get the idea of attentiveness across there are units on Eyes/Sound/Music, Eyes/Seeing, Other sense, Frontiersmen/Tracking/Trapping, Predator and Prey, Indians, Birds. Obedience covers authority/light, bible, kings and queens, military, friction-resistance, horses, action-reaction, crime and punishment. For each there are tons of activities, book recommendations, movies, field trips.

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A History of Knowledge : Past, Present and Future by Charles Van Doren; ISBN: 0345373162.

Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan

Cosmos by Carl Sagan

Isaac Asminov's Chronology of the World

Ancient Inventions by Peter James & Nick Thorpe ISBN 0-345-36476-7

Cartoon History of the Universe Vol 1-7 by Larry Gonick ISBN 0-385-26520-4

Women's Work

Lucy and Her Times By Paseal Pieg and Nicole Verrechia

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In The Beginning, Creation Stories from Around the World by Virginia Hamilton

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Thinking Physics: Practical Lessons in Critical Thinking by Lewis Carroll Epstein

Turning the World Inside Out: and 174 other simple physics demonstrations by Robert Ehrlich

The Flying Circus of Physics WITH ANSWERS by Jearl Walker

The Cartoon Guide to Physics by Larry Gonick

Clouds in a Glass of Beer: Simple Experiments in Atmospheric Physics by Craig F. Bohren.

Einstein for Beginners

Coming of age in the Milky Way by Timothy Ferris

The Discoverers by Daniel Boorstein

Connections by James Burke

1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Science by Trefil, James

Brief History of Time, A by Hawking, Stephen

Physics of Star Trek

Way Things Work, The by Macaulay, David

What If the Moon Didn't Exist?: Voyages to Earths That Might Have Been by Comi ns, Neil

201 Physics Experiments kits

Fear of Physics

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Arthur's Ancient Egypt CD ROM (at Toys R Us for $5.00)

Free CD-ROM: "Mars Navigator" from the Jet Propulsion Lab "JPL" of NASA

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The Student Conservation Association is recruiting high school age (16-19) homeschoolers for fall and winter projects. Contact: Mel Tuck assisant director of recruiting SCA, PO box 550, Charlestown NH 03603-0550 (603)543-1828



Jon's Page has the best and most extensive Home School Resource List.

Homeschooling Children With Special Needs

Pagan Homeschool Page

HomeSchool at Sassafrass Grove

Teachers, Ink - South Carolina


Kids'Town, an online magazine for homeschooled kids

Greenleaf Press

Card Games & Rules

Core Knowledge Lesson Plans and Units

The Digital Education Network: MathDEN - presents challenging math problems. WritingDEN - teaches students how to write effectively. NewsDEN - presents currents events in exciting new ways. GraphicsDEN - shows students how to create cool digital art. SkyDEN- offers a visually stunning introduction to basic astronomy. InternetDEN - presents an introduction to using the Internet

Nova Net Campus gives children the educational advantage and it's free! Parents have seen impressive results using this university-developed service-and best of all, Campus' high-quality lessons and built-in tests are fun and simple for children to use.

Virtual University


Exploring Ancient Cultures

Seeds of Change Garden teaches about diversity and history by looking at the evolution of agriculture and cuisine throughout the world. It is designed so that it can be browsed for enjoyment and exploration, or to provide a basis for more in-depth classroom or home activities, for which support materials are included here.


Math Games


One Hundred Questions about Unitarian Universalism

Between Sundays: Answering Kids Questions - Stories, games, puzzles, discussions, projects, and activities to learn about world religions and Unitarian Universalist beliefs and practices for parents, teachers, and children.

REC-Room: Unitarian Universalist Lifespan Religious Education Curricula & Resources


Bad Science

Educational Garden Simulator - free

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